Campout announces People's Assembly

Saturday Session:  People's Assembly led by Emma Wall

Emma Wall stood at the recent general election as an Independent, the first manifestation of Campfire's movement towards Trailblazer politics, or what comes next after the current outmoded party politics. She polled a creditable 1833 votes in her Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven constituency and during a vigorous campaign, she highlighted many of the failings of the current 'first past the post' system as well as re-engaging many who had become disillusioned with the system and the individuals who claimed to represent them. A major part of her campaign centred around championing policies and processes which improve the quality of life of those most disadvantaged in society.

Following Campfire's pioneering People's Assembly at our 2019 Campout, we are not just looking at the potency of this method of community-based decision-making, we're actually putting the process into action for ourselves. After hearing from Emma about her experiences standing in the election, we invite everyone to join us in modelling new directions for direct democracy, new politics grounded in a common-sense, humanitarian ethos and values.  We ask what matters most to you in determining a blueprint for our future. Each team will shape a new politics as we collectively put together what we'd like to see as future Trailblazers policy.

Emma says: “Anyone who is planning to attend this session, please bring up to five SMALL (easily transported) items that you no longer use or that no longer bring you joy. ‘Items’ can be anything from clothing to crystals, kitchen equipment to ornaments. Please ensure they are in good enough condition that they are useable and have the potential to “spark joy” for another person”

Full programme

Line-Up Announcement

We have announced the first names for Campout 2024 this week, which features a wide range of activities and subjects.

Included in our offerings, we have speakers, panels, workshops, wellbeing sessions, gong baths, constellations, breathwork, meditation & chanting, yoga, live music, DJs, stand-up poetry, 5Rhythms dance, singing, vocal improvisation, conscious speed dating, shamanic journeying, a writers circle, an opening fire ceremony and the Pleasurefest sensual play space. 

Amongst the many topics and emergent themes included in our sessions are Breaking Free of the Matrix / Creating a New Earth, Trailblazing New Politics, Men and the Patriarchy, Nature Connection, Herbalism, Building Financial Solutions, Focusing and inner listening, Pain-Free Method, Look Lovingly Tantra and Meeting your Demons and Finding your Gifts.

More line-up details and bios here

Tickets available here

Campout: Here's the Deal

CAMPOUT 2024 @ Three Pools Permaculture Farm, Abergavenny, South Wales. 

August 8-11 2024

Together we are co-creating Campout. 

This gathering has been evolving for several years as a new type of participatory event that aims to move away from the old audience / performer definitions. 

Campout’s ethos revolves around the unique gifts each person brings to the four day journey and what they take away from it. 

What each person takes will be different. We hope it will be a mix of inspiration, nourishment, focus and connections, new best friends, potential collaborations and maybe much more.


Here are just a few examples of what members of the community have valued at previous events:


 “It is vast, in it's wonderment and inspiration”  Jessica Mallock, Shamanic Fire Ceremony starter 

“A beautifully held space. Best festival ever, thank you” Gitika Partington, singer 

“If those 300 odd attendees have gone out into the world this week with even half of the connectedness and empowerment that I've been living with, as I'm absolutely sure is the case, then it goes without saying, that Campout 2023 was a mind blowing, life-changing event. Thank you from the bottom of my heart♥️” Gaynor Stanley, Campfirer

“A truly beautiful experience.” Leora Lightwoman, Tantric Goddess 

“We are onto something” Bob Hillary, Singer / Songwriter 

“A terrific inspirational and fun and connected four days” Sarah Dick, Campfirer 

“One of the most enjoyable, educational, warm and enriching experiences of my life” 

“Bring empathy, thoughts, knowledge and your experience, and you will always go away with more”

"A truly transformative event, such camaraderie and collective presence" 

“It taught me how to dream big again and that made me feel more powerful than I ever did before”

“Be part of the solution and warm your heart around the fire.”  

“Song, dance, babies, love and grace, conscious conversation, delicious food, men and women in ceremony, laughter, hay bales, openness to change – this is what the future looks like! 

“I had the time of my life – the best weekend ever” 

“If you can feel the imminence of necessary change but haven’t found your voice yet - look for it here”.

“Nourishment for mind, body and spirit in a beautifully held way”

"Living Deeply with Each Other"

“There were moments when it felt like a remembering of what it is to be in a tribe, to be in a held space not just for an hour but as a way of life”

Explore the history of Campout here

Want to get's how!!


Those who wish to apply to be a crew volunteer (4 hour shifts across as many of the six days as you attend as a suggestion) need to apply via the CREW APPLICATION FORM

Core Crew be invited to attend advance Zoom sessions and will also be invited to take part in a Campout Team Initiation Weekend in Wales at Trealy Farm, Monmouth which will include a visit to Three Pools Farm which is located within half an hour’s drive.

The dates will be May 10-12 for the core crew weekend. Camping will be available, if you do not wish to take up the option for indoor spaces / rooms at the farm.

Others wanting to be part of Campout..

We are encouraging everyone who buys a ticket to offer their gifts, this might be in the form of a music set, a talk, a wellbeing session, a ceremony or something else we haven’t yet thought of. 

Wellbeing practitioners, speakers and other performing contributors will need to fill in an application form by June 30th. Any people offering pre-programmed sessions or contributions will be invited to share a donation link if they have one.  Read more 


Nobody gets paid other than the venue and associated costs, essential contractors who provide infrastructure without which we couldn’t do the event.  We welcome your suggestions for contractors who may be willing to come and be part of it.

Otherwise, no free tickets or guest lists are available. As it’s an intimate event, it’s essential that everyone contributes to covering our costs and builds the event together.  If a surplus is made, it will be invested into the Campfire community’s ongoing costs and future events.

Come and join us and let’s all be part of creating something unique and special together…



“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
There is a field. I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
Doesn't make any sense.”


Campout 2024 is happening in south Wales

Following the great success of Campout 2023, we're delighted to announce that Campout 2024 is happening between 8-11 August at a new venue, the Three Pools permaculture farm, in the hills of Wales just west of Abergavenny, less than an hour's drive from Bristol and close to the motorway and rail networks. 


The event will be co-created by the Campfire community in association with co-collaborators such as Ian Banyard's 'Nature Connection World' and the Poppy Altmann 'Family Constellations' project. More details will be announced in due course. Each day will have a theme and we will be lighting a Beacon for world harmony.

Campout 2023 was nothing short of remarkable given what was accomplished in less than 90 days, culminating in 4 days within the beautiful grounds of Braziers Park where we explored the relationship between personal empowerment and systems change. The magic that unfolded was a testament to the strength of our community and the power of open hearts and minds.

After a successful co-creation between Campfire and Elevate this year, both communities have decided to stage their own separate events next year with Pete Lawrence taking full stewardship of Campout in 2024 and Dan Astin-Gregory launching the very first Elevate LIVE event next summer.

The Three Pools Farm's vision is around a truly sustainable farming system, one that benefits the environment, community and is economically viable. Connecting with nature and good quality food is so important for our health and wellbeing. There is much we can learn from the land and from nature and the benefits of permaculture design extend beyond the natural environment. Campfire is very happy to be working with Three Pools on a farm environment designed to include people in the landscape.

The farm offers a great combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, where we can convene workshops, talk sessions, arts and crafts, live music and DJ sets, food and drink and wellbeing, with a sauna and outdoor natural pool for swimming and relaxing. 

Events tickets are now available with separate car tickets and limited live-in vehicle tickets also available pre check-out. There is limited 'glamping' bell tent and cabin availability on the farm itself which can be booked directly with Three Pools

The announcement for Elevate 2024 will soon follow with the promise of an experiential gathering focused on personal awakening and systemic change - join the early bird waitlist at

As we look to the future, we are filled with hope and optimism about the possibilities that we can create as we continue to trailblaze change.

Stay tuned for more updates




Three Pools Farm