Reconnect. Reignite. Rebuild.

Campout is a grassroots family-friendly gathering focused on personal awakening and systems change.

We inquire how a new counterculture can emerge as we explore community building, decentralisationhealthy living, nature connection, personal empowerment and political transformation.

Campout offers you a rare opportunity to put your phone away and immerse yourself in nature to share ideas and explore new models for living in a rapidly changing world.

4 days of talks, workshops, music, wellbeing activities and conversations around the campfire!

Last August Campfire Convention staged a four day gathering at Braziers Park in the south Oxfordshire countryside for four days and four nights of community co-creation, around shared conversations, workshops, talks, arts and crafts, storytelling, fun, laughter and new friendships.  CAMPOUT in 2023 was a co-creation between the Campfire and Elevate communities.

Together, we are evolving a new model for grassroots change, actively facilitating global and local change through human kindness, connectivity, playfulness and trust. Let's gather around the fire and light up the world together. 

In the aftermath of Covid-19 and set against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis, culture wars, ecological destruction, geopolitical conflict, political turmoil and an increasingly divided world, Campout offers a rare opportunity to put our phones away, break free from the noise and immerse ourselves in nature to share ideas and explore new models of living in a rapidly changing world.

We look at how a new counterculture can emerge as we explore community building, decentralisationhealthy livingpersonal empowermentpolitical transformation and reconnecting with nature.

What sort of world will we pass on to future generations? How can we redefine the parameters of passing on knowledge and wisdom to young people so that we become good ancestors. How do we develop consensus building and non-violent communication skills? How do we really and learn the art of good conversation? How do we learn to accept that we all have different views and how can we learn to be more curious about each other? 

What is Campfire?

The Campfire Convention community is an ad-free, algorithm-free, member-led conscious social network working for social change that puts people and the planet at its heart. 

We have a vision to join the dots and find the common denominator through creating an ecosystem made up of existing communities, who are working for the conscious transformation that we all know is starting to happen. 

We’re online and offline.

It's time to reclaim social networking from the corporate tech-giants. Campfire is a move from ‘what can I get out of this?’ to ‘How can I be in service to the wellbeing of the planet? Can I play a part in this? What can we build together?  How can we facilitate change?

"A genuinely welcoming, warm, compassionate place of like minded souls. If you can feel the imminence of necessary change but haven’t found your voice yet - look for it here"

"Just what I needed! Nourishment for mind, body and spirit in a beautiful space"


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