Campout Connection - Compassion - Co-Creation - Community – Celebration

This year’s principles are a co-creation from our Campout 2024 organising team and represent the ethos we bring to this event and ultimately the wider world:


We come together in a beautiful outdoor setting to share and make a collective experience. Through compassion, shared values and vision, we connect as a community to come together in celebration.  We invite everyone to make a positive impact on our surroundings, including our relationships with all beings. We are invited to quietly be present somewhere in the Three Pools landscape at some time during this Campfire gathering and to be with the Land.


We invite you to connect harmoniously with all beings - our own selves, our human family, flora and fauna, the animals, the wild things and the elements. With open minds, curiosity and a sense of wonder, we surrender and connect with our own true nature. Discover others afresh with this opportunity to learn and grow from each-others’ journeys. The rest will unfold in beautiful and magical ways. 


We invite you to engage in random acts of kindness, to recognise, witness and celebrate others, with the intention of making someone else's experience more positive. Each small act of kindness can create a ripple effect that can impact the entire event and help to encourage a culture of generosity, empathy, and mutual support.  Through compassion we naturally foster a deep sense of connection.


We invite conscious participation in sharing our imagination, listening and action - to enable a harmonious and vibrant way of being together. 


Through shared experience, we co-create an inclusive and non-hierarchical space where everyone has a voice. At Campout we value face-to-face, heart-to-heart connection and communication in real physical human presence. We believe that by working together, anything is possible with the support of the circle allowing for releasing, unfolding, unveiling, enabling the emergence of discovery and magic.


Communal celebration has been practised for centuries - historically expressed in a variety of ecstatic and bonding rituals. We are all capable of generating pleasure amongst ourselves through collective co-creation, self-expression and human diversity.

An attitude of gratitude in these beautiful surroundings raises the vibration of our reality. 

Have Fun! 

Namaste -  “The divine in me honours the divine in you"


Themes for Campout 2024

Thursday - Landing

Landing in nature and our true nature. Assimilating, unwinding, reconnecting.


Friday - Common Ground

Opening ourselves, listening, observing, looking for commonality, honouring diversity.


Saturday – Finding Our Essence

Our voice, our health, our value in community. Connection between the heart and our earthy selves.


Sunday Trailblazing

Putting the process together, taking it to the streets. Having the confidence to be in our truth, to tread new paths through wild country.


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