The Event 

We are excited to be gathering again in a field this summer for a four day experience. Full details of what's happening here

The venue is Three Pools Farm near Abergavenny and their vision is around a truly sustainable farming system, one that benefits the environment, community and is economically viable. Connecting with nature and good quality food is so important for our health and wellbeing. There is much we can learn from the land and from nature and the benefits of permaculture design extend beyond the natural environment. Campfire is very happy to be working with Three Pools on a farm environment designed to include people in the landscape.

The farm offers a great combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, where we can convene workshops, talk sessions, arts and crafts, live music and DJ sets, food and drink and wellbeing, with a sauna and outdoor natural pool for swimming and relaxing. 

Campout 2024 runs from 4pm on Thursday August 8th (entry on site from midday) until 11.30pm on Sunday August 13th.

Tickets offer three nights camping from Thursday to Saturday (off site by 7pm Sunday) as well as non camping options for locals.  Book here

The event will take place in outdoor and indoor settings. 

Community links:


What’s happening

The full programme will be viewable and downloadable at campout.live before and during the event.  

The line-up for the four days and times is here.

Though the event will offer co-creation and have options for you do your own sessions on Sunday morning (open space) there is a full programme of talks, discussion sessions, music, wellbeing and outdoor activities across the site.


Tickets can be bought via Ticket Tailor.  Event details and booking link here  https://tinyurl.com/campout2024

We do not offer day tickets as we very much encourage people to come for the whole journey, where we move from opening circle on Thursday afternoon through daily themes to closing circle and ceremony Sunday afternoon. There would be significant disruption in both the flow of people and the trajectory of the overall event experience if we opened it up to date visitors. 


We are recruiting a small crew event team. If you are interested please submit our application form https://tinyurl.com/crewcampout

Getting There / Lift Share

Campout is located at Three Pools Farm approximately four miles east of Abergavenny, which has the nearest train station. The postcode is NP7 8NL

There are some taxis in Abergavenny:

We are in a remote location and taxis leaving our farm at night must be booked in advance***

Taxi name: Julian’s Taxi’s 07970 182283

Taxi name: Lewis Taxis 01873 859839

Taxi name: A Cabs Of Abergavenny 07958 702208

Taxi name: Fast Cars Of Abergavenny 01873 850000

Taxi name: Brian’s Taxis 01291 691870

Taxi name: Terry’s Taxi 01873 854678

Please do not contact the venue with enquiries.

We have set up a lift share thread on our Campfire social network


We aim for Campout to be as accessible as possible. We have accessible parking, camping and toilet facilities. We are operating within the limits of a small, working farm, so much ground is uneven and not all spaces are accessible easily. We will do our utmost to accommodate any specific requests around mobility issues or access needs. Please bear in mind that this event is being co-created by all who attend so together we will try and find a solution to any challenges.

Contact us if you have specific needs. contact@campfireconvention.com

Co-creating this event: Bring what you expect to find

This is not a festival, it’s an intimate community gathering for maximum 250 people. 

The idea is to co-create a space which everyone feels a part of. The event gets away from the old models of audience / performer, promoter / punter. If you spot something that needs doing or is missing from the programme, there’s every chance that you may be able to do it yourself! 

Our event is designed to encourage each of us to help one another and offer our skills and time to make a safe, fun, magical and creative world for a few days. Some people might just want to sit around the fire with friends, eat lovely food and relax. Others might want to learn a new skill and offer a workshop or get more involved in holding a space for others.

We are inviting attendees to step up with their own gifts / expertise / enthusiasms to help Campout run smoothly. We intend to hold morning circles where we all have a chance to speak and allocate / share essential jobs needed for the day and also promote each day’s highlights. 

Car Parking and Camping

Car parking tickets are required and parking will be signed when you arrive. These can be purchased at the ticket checkout above

There is a car park in the camping field which is a short walk to activity areas, toilets, food stalls and bar.  Please bring your ticket booking email / reference with you. 

We need to keep an emergency access lane through the campsite, and also to make sure there is room for everyone to camp; please co-operate with any requests from our friendly campsite stewards. We regret that no gazebos are allowed in the campsite.

Live-In vehicles

We have limited space for campers vans and motorhomes. Tickets available after event / camping options in the ticket page. No hook ups. First come, first served.


Bring your own tent and live-in vehicle (camping price is included in the ticket)

Bell tent accommodation is available and can be booked directly via Three Pools

If you wish to book B&B or hotel accommodation please use usual sites such as Booking.com (area / date search included as default) 

Abergavenny is 4 miles away (10 minutes drive) and has the nearest railways station. 

Toilets and Showers

The site uses composting toilets. Please put a handful of sawdust after you tinkle and keep toilets tidy. There are composting urinals onsite and four showers. Two of the toilets are accessible. There is a wood burning outdoor hot shower on site. Please only use the ecologically sound cleaning products provided as they drain directly back into the land.


There will be two large campfires on site, no other fires are allowed apart from camping stoves which are safely raised above the ground.

What to Bring?


The essentials are tent, bedding, blanket, warm clothes, water proof boots, a head torch and cooking facilities, sun hart and any other sun protection. Bring cash for food and drink sales. We strongly encourage you to support our bar and food stalls. 

Please bring camping chairs, a cushion or two, yoga mat, camping plates, mugs, water bottle, cutlery.

Swimming trunks if you have a sauna / swimming ticket (see main booking page)

Please do not bring alcohol or glass. There will be a full bar on site selling at reasonable prices.

What to take home?

We’d love not to have to bring a professional waste and litter company and the extra costs this would incur. So the accent is on each of us to leave no trace. That means bringing any bags or receptacles you might need, plus any items listed above. And to take home any litter with you. 

We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and endeavour, whenever possible, to leave such places in a better state than when we found them.



There will also be food stalls on site offering a varied mix of meat and vegetarian / vegan options, breakfasts and baps,  and coffees and teas. 

Three Pools stall:

Breakfast bap, meat or vegan; sausage, egg, hashbrown cheese £8

Burgers and Loaded fries: Cheese beef burger or lamb burgers with fries or loaded friday
Loaded fries £7
Burger: £9.50

Curry or stew: £12

Plant and gf version of all are available.

If you do not want to purchase food every day we suggest bringing a camping stove and cooking facilities. 

Three Pools will also have meat for sale - Lots of different cuts. They will have a list of produce on their food stall and people can order it / pick up up from there before they leave :)


There will be a bar offering draft beer and ciders and perries, as well as a range of kombucha. 


Thursday 2-12

Friday 12-12

Saturday 12-12

Sunday 12-11

Our friendly bar-people serve locally-sourced ale, organic cider and cold cans of lager, as well as wines, spirits and soft drinks. Only those over 18 will be served. Under 25’s will be carded. Free drinking water is available from all water points, marked on the map.

We expect that our music and drinks license will be until midnight. We are aiming to create an empowering and healthy environment. We invite you to drink responsibly so that you enjoy the fullness of the daytime experience without a hangover! 


From the campsite guidelines:

Dogs are not allowed without specific, prior permission.  Any dogs visiting site must be kept on a lead at all times.


The site is surrounded by beautiful untainted countryside. There are some great countryside walks in the neighbourhood. 

Kids activities

Campout is about connecting to our children and each other. We are currently curating an experience for our younger attendees and will update as details emerge.

Sauna and Swimming

Swimming will be allowed in one of the natural pools during hours when the sauna is open and the area supervised. These will be:

Thursday 2pm-3.30pm

Friday and Saturday 3-8pm

Sauna tickets can be purchased from the main ticket booking page

Codes of Conduct.

This is a conscious gathering. We are developing our event ethos and manifesto for co-creating events as we go so please feel free to be part of this process. We welcome your ideas as we form our Invitation page which encompasses values and principles

Please take full responsibility for yourself and your own children at the camp. Heavy drinking or drug use will not be tolerated at the camp. If someone is seen by a group of others as a threat then they will be asked to attend the adult circle held daily to address the issue with a potentially of being asked to leave the camp.

Fire Safety is community responsibility.

What are Campfire / Campout's values and principles?

Read here. They are in constant evolution.