In advance of Campout 2024, we are evolving our values and principles at the crew weekend (May 10-12)

Campout Values & Principles

This year’s principles are a co-creation between our organising team and represent the ethos we’d like to bring to this event and perhaps the wider world :) 

Universal Inclusion "No VIPs" Everyone is invited to participate in Campout and we embrace diversity in all its forms. We believe that by bringing together a wide range of perspectives and experiences, we can create a truly transformative and enriching environment.

Active Participation: We encourage active participation in all aspects of Campout, encouraging attendees to co-create the experience with us and to contribute to the community in their own unique way.

Community Building: We foster a sense of community and encourage connections through shared experiences, workshops, and activities that promote collaboration and co-creation. We believe that by working together, anything is possible.

Harmonious Connection: Everything you say and do can affect another soul. If you constantly engage in battles, you become embattled yourself. If you constantly give love, you become love itself. We invite you to choose love at Campout.

Self-Expression: We celebrate artistic expression and creativity in all its forms, providing a platform for participants and performers to showcase their talents and inspire others to embrace their own self-expression.

Openness & Curiosity. Our willingness to embrace new ideas determines our capacity for self discovery and personal growth. Rediscover your sense of awe and wonder by allowing yourself to be curious with an open mind, the rest will unfold in beautiful and magical ways.

Be Here Now: Our level of conscious awareness in any given moment determines the quality of our experience. In a world of chaos and distraction we invite you to ‘be here now’ at Campout. Take a breath, enjoy the gift of being fully present in the moment.

Create your own experience: We encourage attendees to take responsibility for bringing the experience you wish to see at Campout. We invite all participants to exercise personal responsibility for the conscious creation of an enriching experience for themselves and others at Campout.

Random Acts of Kindness: We invite all participants to engage in random acts of kindness towards others throughout Campout, with the intention of making someone else's experience more positive. Each small act of kindness can create a ripple effect that can impact the entire event and help to foster a culture of generosity, empathy, and mutual support.

Leave it better than you found it: Many of the world’s challenges are created as a result of us not making the decision every day to leave the world just a tiny bit better than we found it. We respect the world we live in and invite you to apply this principle at Campout and our beautiful surroundings.


Themes From 2023

  • Breaking through collective trauma - with current events playing out on a world stage, how do we break through the anger, frustration and trauma associated with global narratives 
  • Building a Counterculture Movement - with the growing disillusionment with the status quo, how can we ignite a counterculture movement to create a brighter future?
  • Communication in a divided world - with an increasingly polarised society, how can we find common grounds and ways to connect beyond our differences? 
  • Natural living as medicine - how to detach from the pharmaceutical industrial complex and embrace holistic and natural approaches to health, individually and collectively. 
  • Navigating the financial reset - with the cost of living crisis raging, rising inflation and declining economies, how can we prepare for what may lie ahead? How can Bitcoin or crypto help to hedge what is coming...
  • Reconnect to ourselves - you’ll have the opportunity to explore the different aspects and practices of inner work from confronting your shadow to discovering the keys to your potential 
  • Reconnecting with others - you’ll learn effective and co-creative ways to protect our boundaries, in order to be free to choose to connect more deeply and intimately with others.
  • Reconnecting to abundance - we’ll explore how to move from fear and scarcity to love and abundance in every way. 
  • Reconnecting to our feminine and masculine energies - we’ll look at how we can harmonise with our innate feminine and masculine energies to step into a better relationship with ourselves, each other and our planet 
  • Reconnecting through technology - we’ll examine how the rise of cyberculture can both constrain and liberate our consciousness and connection to ourselves and others. 
  • Finding courage and confidence - the art of speaking up, both individually and collectively, through our Open Space and Open Mic sessions
  • Exploring creativity - the importance and power of the untapped imagination, and unlimited creative potential of the subconscious realm to enable each of us to find our truth.
  • Trauma and tension release  - helping us to find freedom and growth through understanding and connecting to our bodies on different levels. 
  • Non-violent communication - creating a different mode of community where we can connect, and share skilful techniques, which can defuse conflict and create real connection.
  • Jamming - bring an instrument and gather around the fire  

You are warmly invited to join our Campfire network...